Monday, January 21, 2013

Zendala Dares 39 and 41

I've gotten behind in some of my tangling and posting.  My husband and I visited his parents in Texas last week, and I did get to do some tangling there because his mother has embraced tangling also.  It was fun to see what she's done and learned all on her own.  It's now something that ties (or tangles?) us together.

First is this week's dare, which was a really fun one with great working spaces.
Next is Dare 39--the ZenDon't.  You were supposed to NOT do what you usually do.  This was quite a challenge!  So I didn't do black and white, which I always do. Got out my watercolor pencils instead and went to town.   I didn't shade, another of my usuals.  I tried not to stick too closely to the template--although that might have been asking a little too much of myself.  But I did venture outside the lines some.

I was concentrating so much on the color, I realized I hardly used any tangles!  Now there's a "don't" if I ever heard one!  :-)  

I got a chance to look at a few of the ZenDon'ts from other people, and it was so interesting to see what you all did and how you pushed yourself.  I hope to get around to look at everyone's this week.


  1. hey Karen these are delightful! Both have a freshness to them and the coloured one is full of life.

  2. Like your use of phicops and meers. The shading and use of white and dark spaces facilitates a nice layered effect.

  3. The first one is absolutely stunning! But, that does not mean I dont like the second one :-)
    Good to see you back here!

  4. Both are great, imlove your colored one. In particular the border of that zendala is very powrfull. #41 has a great centre circle. Love it.

  5. Love your zendala - such great depth and a nice choice of tangles! I 'specially like your phicops.
    Love the color in your second one, especially the blue lines and color on the outer edge.

  6. Karen, these are gorgeous!!! 39 through 42--wow, you're way ahead of me! Haha...I got stumped on last week's and just printed out 42 for this week....Beautiful, beautiful, all of these! I really love the Zendon't, the color is scrumptrilescent (Will Ferrell there...) and it's so sweet to look at! I'd be framing that one! =0)


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